Come and Discover Us Now,
in Southern Patagonia

Our Philosophy

We believe in respecting the biological cycles of our natural resources, and promoting a way of life that we truly believe will contribute to caring for our planet, and leaving it better than the way we received it.

Tours y Programs

Come to Patagonia and share with us the unique experience of life at Fundo Panguilemu. Take part in our agro-tourism activities, along with fishing and horseback riding. And don’t forget the special delights of our local cuisine.

Let’s Go Glamping !

Mornings at Fundo Panguilemu are simply unforgettable, as each day takes you to new levels of rest and recreation in the midst of the verdant Panguilemu Valley, along the shores of the world-famous Simpson River.

Sustainability is our core value

At Fundo Panguilemu, we believe in changing the way we produce our food. Our model focuses on food production that is sustainable and responsible, from beginning to end.

Likewise, our methods call for the most wholesome generation of food, at every step along the way. This means we treat our animals with respect, in a peaceful environment. We believe in constant regeneration of our soil, with an eye on the least impact to the natural state of things. Though agro-tourism, we are seeking ways to teach others about our holistic model, to share this with people around the world. Now, you can be a part of this.

Come and Discover Us Now, in Southern Patagonia