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in Southern Patagonia

Glamping: Comfortable Rural Leisure at your destination in the Aysen region of Patagonia

Waking up at Fundo Panguilemu will be a moment to always remember. Imagine yourself in a setting of glamorous leisure in the midst of an enchanting natural countryside, in the legendary Aysen region of Patagonia. And there it is, just 20 minutes from the regional capital of Coyhaique , where you can enjoy some of the most relaxing natural recreational experiences. It’s here, nestled in the Panguilemu Valley, the very portrait of the beauty of the Aysen region.

You’ll find three spacious and comfortable yurts, totally equipped with full bathrooms, in a cozy rustic setting. We are ready to make your stay an enchanting one, here in the green meadows and forests of the Aysen countryside.

Imagine waking up with a view of the famous Simpson River, sampling a traditional Patagonian “yerba mate” and getting acquainted with the rural work of the region, all the while breathing in the cool, pure air. Or perhaps you’d enjoy an enchanting and romantic campfire along the river, accompanied by a “Calafate Sour” prepared right on the spot. Dream about planning your fishing trip, a leisurely hike, or a horseback ride, to make your stay a time of both rest and contemplation. And all of this, only 20 minutes from downtown Coyhaique. This is something that simply must be experienced.



You simply have to live this experience.

The Libélula Clubhouse

Why not enjoy our biggest yurt ? A luxurious space for you to relax, entertain friends, or perhaps just read quietly. Remember to enjoy our delicious coffee and remarkable meals prepared by your host, made with ingredients grown right here on the farm. This is a place to share andenhance your enjoyment while you stay at Fundo Panguilemu.